The year 2018 begins on the starting blocs for Pejout Marine Services ; on top of having a new office/workshop/warehouse has just negotiated a drop off zone  in Saint Mandrier at Gremco's store. 


Why this drop off zone ?

The situation

Based in the shipyard IMS 700 in Saint Mandrier, Gremco offers already an entire range of riggings and services for boats and yachts. The location is ideal for yacht crew who can easily come and get all the equipment they need.

The practical part of it

It's often during a boat refit, that one has the most time to inspect its security material, if you only need to refill your diving bottles, to change a fire extinguisher or a faulty nozzle, it is now possible to do so while keeping your service provider. Drop-off  your equipment at Gremco at the shipyard IMS 700 and pick it up in a  reasonable timing.

Of course, you can continue to call upon Pejout Marine Services for all the checking of your security and safety material, they come regularly to Saint Mandrier.

What does this change?

Pejout Marine Services wish to simplify all of the administrative work. Thus, whether you're missing a part piece of your security or a surety material, while you're at the shipyard, it will be easier for you to get it.