Péjout Marine Services participates at the 2018 Antibes Raft Race.  Making your own raft for a good cause and trying to end the race.  This is the challenge that the Pejout Marine Services/YPY has decided to take.

What's the Antibes Raft Race?

A very unusual race, not like any others. Firstly because the main goal is not to win. But in the case of this race, every participant will be already very happy to end the race and arrive in one piece. 

Although the race has been going on since 1981, it had a few breaks over the years. The rules changed but some remain such as:

  • Build your own raft
  • Make sure it's not bigger than 12 m
  • All crew members must wear a lifejacket
  • It must have at least a woman on-board...

The rest of the rules can be read on the Antibes Raft Race's website.

The most unusual trophies are awarded to the rafts' crew including Biggest Cheat- Best Engineered raft...

The race primary goal is to benefit local charities. This year, the lucky organisations which will benefit from the race are:

  • Antibes Life boat
  • Les Restos du Coeur
  • Les Petits Princes


Pejout Marine Services is the race's sponsor

Pejout Marine Services has decided to be a sponsor of the event. It's the opportunity for the local expert in security and safety equipment to bring his contribution to an event which relies entirely on donations.  

Moreover, although this race is known to be fun, Pejout Marine Services will propose a more instructive entertainment:

Yachts captains will have the opportunity to try out line throwing. Whilst crew members will be able to test their knowledge in throwing MOB (man overboard) 


Pejout Marine Services takes part in the race

Will the Pejout Marine Services/YPY team finish the race?

Lead by: Nicolas PEJOUT, Robert ALIAMUS, Alexandra IDIER, Frederic & Georges SMITH, François PEJOUT

You will need to wait until Apri 14 2018 to discover the raft, its theme and see in which condition it will finish the race. 

Live it, let's meet in Port Vauban for an amazing day.