Pejout Marine Services presents the Clean Green and Clean Blue extinguishers at PYA's 2018 Sea Changes Seminar

Every year during the Monaco Yacht Show, the PYA organises the Sea Changes Seminar. This year Pejout Marine Services was invited to inform the attendees about the Clean Green and Clean Blue Fire extinguishers.

 Clean-Green-Fire-extinguisher- Monaco Yacht Show 2018

During the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show, the PYA Sea Changes seminar was divided into 3 parts. The first part was revealed the superyacht industry's news in regulations and training, the second part was dedicated to sexual harassment while the last part covered the very actual topic of the environment and yachting.


The RYA and MCA staff shared the latest rules and regulations. A big debate followed the announcement of a new route to Officer of the Watch. This would allow the candidate who are seeking to gain a UK OOW yachts, less than 3000GT, unlimited area, II/1 Certificate of Competency. Some of the captains present were very worried about the fact that this shortcut allows a contender to lessen the number of practice hours and therefore raise the risks of a possible accident because of the lack of experience. More info will soon be available on the government's website.


The second part of the seminar was just as interesting. In the light of the recent sexual harassment cases that have arisen, the PYA ran a survey on the subject. The results are not only shocking but a real abomination when one hears some of the testimonies that were shared with the audience.

It appears that most case were done by crew fellows, some by the owner and others by charterer and that almost all harassed crew had no idea who to turn to, to report it especially when the problem came from the captain or the owner. The PYA is working on making sure all crew members are made aware of who to turn to: the flag as they are in a position to seize the authorities who can deal with the case.

 Pejout Marine Services Sea Changes seminaire PYA


Pejout Marine Services' presentation came in very late. Nevertheless, François was happy to introduce to everyone the SOLAS certified marine Clean Blue and the Clean Green fire extinguishers. They offer only advantages for the environment:

  • no respiratory risk for humans nor animals
  • they produce no residue after use.
  • They have no impact on the ozone layer.

Clean Green Fire Extinguisher Pejout Marine Services            clean blue fire extinguisher

The other moderators of this seminars were:

  • Eco Mer who presented the Yachts Du Coeur, an association which collects all non perishable food, uniforms and other goods to give back to the needed (victims of the Hurricane Irma, of the Indonesia catastrophe...).
  • YES (Yacht Crew Environment Society) has shown the example, cleaning up the beaches wherever one is this association's motto. Led by a 50m+ Sailing Yacht captain, she encourages everyone to spend a few hours a week to clean up the beaches. Started in Barcelona and with the help of Ocean Port Vell, she shows that if everyone commits to a little bit of time, a real difference can be made.
  • Ocean Port Vell presented all the new measures they have initiated to make the marina a greener and more sustainable place
  • finally Captain Andrew Scoffield, presented one of the International Hydrographic Organization's step to better the maritime charts. He explained that with his owner's yacht and the help of a small device, he and many other captains can help register the depth of the ocean, this is important for all vessels and also as he showed could help save lives in the case of hurricanes.

More detailed information will soon be posted on the PYA's site.