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The engine room is protected with a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) fixed fire extinguishing system designed, manufactured and supplied by CATEF srl in compliance with the standards and requirements of the vessel's register.

The CO2 provided by this system is for fire extinguisher use only and must not be use for any other purposes.



The release of CO2 in the protected space (Engine Room) is controlled from:
Upper deck (Remote Control Box)
Tender garage or CO2 Room (Local Control Box)
The system extinguishes fire by totally flooding the protected space with carbon dioxide(CO2). It is a non-corrosive, non-poisonous gas, but will cause suffocation if a person is exposed to the gas. For this reason, protected spaces must be vacated prior to system discharge and the well aired/ventilated before accessing the area again after the system has been released.
The system's potential, i.e. amount of agent available for discharge, has been calculated according to the gross volume of the largest compartment. The Engine room space requires a minimum 40% saturation of CO2 in order to adequately extinguish a fire in the protected space.
The steel cylinder has been tested at the pressure of 250 bar to standard requirements.



In the event of fire in the protected area:
Before releasing CO2 system
1- Ensure that the protected area is vacated by all personnel before releasing system
2- Close all skylights, hatches, doors or any other openings to the protected area.
3- The order to release CO2 must be given by the master, or by the person mas


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