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The Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Marine approved by CSI certified MED

Clean Green Fire Extinguisher Pejout Marine Services


The CLEANGREEN® fire extinguisher comes in 4kg, it is a mixture of

clean gases HFC227 (known also as FM200® Great Lakes Chemical) and HFC236.clean blue fire extinguisher

Both gases have no limits of law and environmental factors.

This revolutionary fire extinguisher leaves no residue, has no impact

on ozone layer. It is non conductive of electricity, indispensable

to avoid damages in engines, boats, computer

electronic equipments and high value goods.

The CLEANBLUE® fire extinguisher comes in 1kg.

It is made of exactlythe same gas and thus present

just like the Clean Agent CLEANGREEN® it is harmless for humans.

Portable extinguishers CO²

Portable rechargeable fire extinguishers. Effective on Class B fires (fires liquefy liquid or solid) and especially on electrical fires.
Generally recommended for all fires in the presence of an energized conductor (transformers, telephone switchboards, electrical switchboards, computers, motors, etc.).


Conforms to RGPT Extinguishing Mean: neutral gas, inert, non-toxic liquid at 5O kg / cm ² at 20 ° C.Result gained : cooling (-78 ° C) and sublimation of oxygen. Foyer: 89B Certified NF EN3, CE Approved 34B (34B means that the extinguisher can put out 34 liters of gasoline that have been burning for 1 minute). Aluminum body. Available in 2 and 5 kgs. Comes with wall mount + hoses.



Due to the lightness of the gas CO ² extinguisher, can smother well the flames.
A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher remains the cleanest type:it extinguishes the
fire begins without leaving any residual trace.

Portable powder extinguishers

These powder extinguishers extinguish all types of fires: wood, paper, cloth, hydrocarbon, electricity, gaz. Working by choking, the dust blocks, the development of flames and form an insulating deposit on the embers, of which results the extinction. For fires of Class A B or C.

1 kg and 2 kg

poudre 1. Auto-controlables through their pressure indicator (equipped with a nanometer)
2. Easy to use: instruction on the fire extinguisher
3. Fire Classification: ABC
poudre1kg 4. Accordance with standard NF EN3 
5. Approved 5A 34B (Model 1 kg) 13A and 89B (Model 2 g)
6. Supplied with mounting bracket


6 kg

poudre6kg 1. Control of speed trigger allows for better efficiency Aluminum head with grooves to avoid degassing pressure
2.Easy to use: instructions on the fire extinguisher Resistant: a polyethylene liner protects it from oxidation
3.Anti-slip handle for proper handling and greater efficiency
4.Fire Classification: ABC Complies with European standard NF EN3

Portable foam fire extinguisher

The foam is produced by chemical reaction between the outside air and the water and the emulsifier content in the extinguisher.
The water sprayed reduces the spreading of the fire center with only intense evaporation while the additive greatly increases the fire suppression water, depositing an insulating film on the surface of the fuel.
Chemical foam is very corrosive. This type of extinguisher extinguishes fire class A or B by smothering and cooling. Do not use on electric current.


 mousse thumb1.  Extinguishing Class A fires (fires of solid materials such as wood, paper, fabric ...)
      and Class B (liquid or solid liquefy example oils, gasoline, alcohol ...) class F (fires fryer) 
2. Resistant: polyethylene lining protects from oxidation. 
3. Anti- Slip handle for proper handling and greater efficiency 
4. Complies with standard NF EN3 - Approved 13A.233B
5. Supplied with wall bracket

Extinguishers on wheels

Mobiles, compacts and directly ready to use, the extinguishers on wheels, with water or powder, allow a very quick intervention on the site.


1. Reservoir consists of two bottoms and a ferrule. Anti-corrosion coating in epoxy resin polymerized in the oven.

2. Flange level in alloy for control and loading.

3. Rigded wheels in solid rubber tire diameter of 250 mm.

4.Semi-rigid pipe length 3 m for 50 Kg / Lt 1.60 m to 25 Kg / Lt


  • Co2 9 kgs
  • Powder 50 or 100 kgs
  • Water spray 45 or 100 liters

Fire extinguishers must be checked every year. If there's no certification, their deadline is 5 years.